“Finally Friday!” – Can You Rebill Part B for Inpatient or Not?

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“Finally Friday!” – Can You Rebill Part B for Inpatient or Not?

Postby erniedls » Tue Feb 23, 2016 6:13 pm

Joining us in July 2014 was Jessica Gustafson from The Health Law Partners, and one of our frequent listeners and commenters, Dr. Larry Field, who also joined us briefly – as we went over our new Decision Trees to help you know if you can rebill a denied Part A claim for Part B inpatient services.

We separated the logic into two scenarios:
  1. Denial Upheld (you lost an appeal)
  2. New Denials (no appeal filed yet)

The Decision Trees are also posted elsewhere on Aorta.

Visit http://appealacademy.com/finally-friday-can-you-rebill-part-b-for-inpatient-or-not/ for the handouts and video replay.
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