“Finally Friday!” Chasing Regs, CMS Education and MA Plan Denials

Anything related to regulations and requirements to work with the Medicare Advantage Plans, aka Medicare Part C.

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“Finally Friday!” Chasing Regs, CMS Education and MA Plan Denials

Postby erniedls » Tue Feb 23, 2016 5:45 pm

On this edition of "Finally Friday!" we discussed how CMS keeps changing auditing rules, willy nilly, and how it makes it even harder for hospitals to bill for reimbursements accurately and appropriately. Doesn’t it feel like they (CMS) really doesn’t want you to be able to keep up?

We reviewed:
  1. Confusion in the CMS website, QIO webinars and OPPS
  2. Difficult denials emanating from the MA Plans (go figure)
  3. And will the new plans for Drug Price Controls see enactment?



If your browser cannot play the video, download it from that page and play with RealPlayer (free download from http://www.real.com)
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