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Aerolib Healthcare Solutions has Launched the Aerolib Learning Management System: Optimized e-Learning for Healthcare

Aerolib Healthcare Solutions is introducing the Aerolib Learning Management System: an On-demand E-learning system for Clinical and Regulatory education for Physicians, Physician Advisors, Case managers, Utilization Review personnel and Hospital Administration that is based on Aerolib`s successful education methodology of Disease Specific Documentation Improvement

Give your team an On-demand reference tool to make it right the first time and everytime.

The Aerolib dashboard has skills modules which covers the documentation tips to formulate a complete record based on the disease process, new concepts in coding, billing and audit prevention, CMS and commercial insurances regulatory requirements, analysis of real case scenarios with emphasis on proper documentation and links to the evidence based guidelines.

The Aerolib Learning Management System is an optimized e-learning on demand platform with the following courses:

Current Topics

Introduction to Aerolib Healthcare Solutions
Clinical and Regulatory Review:COPD
Clinical and Regulatory Review:Sepsis
Clinical and Regulatory Review:Acute Kidney Injury
Clinical and Regulatory Review:Pneumonia
Clinical and Regulatory Review:Congestive Heart Failure
Clinical and Regulatory Review:Seizures
Clinical and Regulatory Review:Abdominal pain
Clinical and Regulatory Review:TIA and Syncope
Clinical and Regulatory Review:Atrial Arrhythmias
Clinical and Regulatory Review:Chest pain
Clinical and Regulatory Review:UTI
Clinical and Regulatory Review:Back Pain
HCCs: Hierarchical Condition Categories
Acute respiratory failure
Case analysis for Audits
3 D Mapping of Clinical Data to Improve Clinical Documentation
Physician Advisor Basics
Anatomy of a Medical Record
Medicare Outpatient Observation Notice
Condition Code 44 Decision Tree
Resistance to Change
Value Proposition of a Physician Advisor program
E/M Documentation basics
Session 1 ALJ Mock Hearing with Bob Soltis; Former ALJ, Office of Medicare Hearings and Appeals
Session 2 The New Art of War: Medicare Advantage Plans
Session 3 Building an Internal Appeal Process with your Physician Advisor
2 video webinar recordings with Bob Soltis, Former ALJ, Office of Medicare Hearings and Appeals
Session 1 Proposed Decisions: Going the extra mile with INPATIENT DECISION TEMPLATE
Session 2 Proposed Decisions: Dealing with the changes with PROPOSED DECISION TEMPLATE

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