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Diabetes: Clinical and Regulatory Review

Add to calenderMay 4 2017 12 pm C/ 1 pm E

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    Thursday May 4 2017

    12 pm Central

    1 pm Eastern

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Meet the Speakers

Tarang Sharma, MD

Dr Sharma is a Board Certified in Endocrinology, Diabetes & Metabolism with special interest in Diabetes. She is a partner in Columbus Endocrine Consultants based in Dublin, Ohio. Dr. Sharma is affiliated with Dublin Methodist Hospital and Mount Carmel Hospital.

Deepak Pahuja, MD MBA

Dr Pahuja is Board Certified in Internal Medicine and is the Chief Medical Officer of Aerolib Healthcare Solutions based in Dallas, TX. The firm`s mission is to provide Patient Centered Total Quality Management solutions to healthcare organizations.

  • Discuss the need for Newer Strategies for Diabetes Management

    Discuss new drugs for diabetes, Insulins and glucose monitoring systems

  • What NOT To Do: Learn the Spectrum of Auditors

    Learn actionable ways to show how poorly documented cases put your hospital at risk

  • What TO Do: Examples of ICD 10 updates in Diabetes

    Learn simple ways on Diabetes Updates from Congress, FDA and CMS

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