Are you ready to start, run and grow as a Physician Advisor?

Learn how to be a Physician Advisor partner with Aerolib Healthcare Solutions. The demand for Physician Advisor services continues to grow. We enable you to start, run and grow your Physician Advisor practice and provide you with the hardware, software and knowledge infrastructure to be an effective independent Physician Advisor. Set your flexible schedule to help your hospital with case reviews and appeals. You will get access to Aerolib Learning Management System-an On-demand E-learning platform for clinical and regulatory education. Aerolib will help you with develop your templates, contracts, marketing portfolio and security manuals to be in compliance with accessing protected health data and industry standards.

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Meet The System's Creator

Deepak Pahuja, MD MBA FACP

Dr Pahuja is Board Certified in Internal Medicine, the Chief Medical Officer of Aerolib Healthcare Solutions, and specializes in innovations in healthcare and development of new inventions. He is also a lifetime founding member of the American College of Physician Advisors, Inc., Faculty at Appeal Academy and TopGun Audit School. These organizations help physician advisors with education for medical necessity, inpatient care and care management.

  • Prove the Value: How to Show Your C-Suite Your Value

    Learn to show disease specific cost savings and reduced reimbursement at risk as affected by your Physician Advisor program.

  • What NOT To Do: Examples of Medical Documentation that does NOT work

    Learn actionable ways to show how poorly documented cases put your hospital(s) and jobs at risk, including clear examples.

  • What TO Do: Examples of Medical Documentation that DOES work & WHY

    Learn simple ways to explain the critical shift away from “complex medical decision making” to a time-based definition.

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