Physician Advisor Gap Coverage

Aerolib Healthcare Solutions provides Physician Advisor Gap coverage for weekends, holidays and after hours coverage for Physician Advisors to develop the next generation hybrid model of Physician Advisor program. We help with education to Physicians, Case managers, Utilization Review personnel and nursing staff which is based on Aerolib`s successful education methodology of Disease Specific Documentation Improvement.

Our determination letters include

  1. Case Summary: Includes chief complaint and summary of clinical events detailing medical necessity and severity of illness
  2. Bedding status recommendation: Inpatient or Observation
  3. Audit Risk Score: Calculated using proprietary Aerolib Analytics, this gives an estimate of the risk of an audit
  4. At Risk Reimbursement: based on DRG, LOS and billing submissions from existing hospital data and Medicare payments for region
  5. Interventions to decrease Audit Risk Score

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Read about “Physician Advisers add up for some hospitals” in the Finance Section of Physician Leadership Journal, March 2017 Issue